This isn't living, it's just surviving.

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I am a list of things. Contradictions. Idiosyncrasies. I am in love. I am in lust. I can't locate my pants. I crave teriyaki beef jerky. Fuck you, I'm an anteater. I eat aunts. I prefer to go without wearing pants. Life isn't like any box of chocolates I've ever eaten. None of the chocolates are full of drama. I love you. But I don't. Wontons are bloody awesome. 
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if you want a vision of the future, imagine a wiener dog eating its own butt - forever.
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What men think feminists look like

what are you talking about this is exactly what we look like
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Nothing says awesome like a fire-breathing demon! Party on!

I know little about this game and I want to keep it that way, because the story I’m envisioning based on that box art can’t be topped by whatever the reality is.
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Horrorfest Masterpost


As you all know, it’s October. And this is a very special month for me, as I always celebrate it by having a month-long horror movie fest. Now, since I have taken Felix’s advice and began writing full-time, I figured what better way to make Horrorfest better than to cover it for my site as well. So, here I will be adding direct links to each and every Horrorfest related item I put online. I will update and reblog this every time I add new content. Feel free to reblog this as well, because it would be great to bring in new readers.

Stay spooky, folks.

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On set. Kiwi Kingston
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when you type too fast and send “holy hit”


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My first Wonder Comic. Inside, we discover via a terrorist that you cannot look Di in the eyes and feel hate or dishonesty. What was your first, and what was up in it??
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